40 Days for Life

Sept 28th – Nov 6th

Please pray how you can help cover 40 Days of vigil hours for the Fort Collins and Greeley 40 Days for Life sites to end abortion in Colorado, OUR STATE!

Why? The recent Supreme Court overturning of Roe V Dobbs, which stated that abortion is not a fundamental right of the US Constitution and turned the decision of abortion over to the states to decide, has the abortion industry and supporters in a frantic frenzy to further enculturate abortion in schools, media, business, legislation and the Church.

Over the past year, the abortion industry in Colorado and their legislative supporters have aggressively doubled down to enshrine abortion into Colorado law and take away parental rights with the Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA), and multiple other legislation despite hundreds of hours or protest from prolife constituents and legislators. The Colorado abortion industry is determined to make Colorado a destination abortion state. Fundraising efforts and Public Companies are paying travel expenses for women to have an abortion in Colorado.

Fort Collins Planned Parenthood has increased their surgical and medical abortion services. Greeley Planned Parenthood provides referrals for surgical abortions and medical abortion services. Over 60% of abortions are medical abortions. The abortion industry has infiltrated our schools and is indoctrinating our children to feed their coffers.

In June 2022, the City of Fort Collins Board voted in a Resolution to make Fort Collins a (Pro) Abortion Sanctuary City, despite the majority present who spoke against.

We as Christians, parents, US Citizens, and those who believe life begins at conception must take a stance to protect our children, grandchildren, and the unborn children. We must protect women, men and families who are being manipulated and commoditized by the abortion industry and legislators.

We must repent and turn back to God to ask for His mercy, grace and conversion of hardened hearts during this time of child sacrifice. We must not allow these atrocities to continue in our cities. Churches must take a stand and encourage parishioners to support women in pregnancy by knowing and offering options for all circumstances. God always provides a way, if we look to him in faith, hope and prayer.

How to help and get involved

We need ALL prayer warriors on the public sidewalk in front of Fort Collins or Greeley Planned Parenthood every hour vigil hour

during 40 Days for Life to help people know there are other options than abortion. We care and we can help. We have resources.

To learn more on how you can get involved attend the Kick-offs for 40 Days for Life or contact the local 40 Days for Life coordinators

For more information:

Fort Collins – kristy.neeley@hotmail.com, or (719)246-8085

Greeley – Dalas greeley40daysforlife@gmail.com


In the News

Sidewalk Signs

To purchase a Pro-Life Yard Signs, contact Mail-n-Copy in Windsor.

On the back of each sign is a statement of peace, Pro-Life songs, prayers and meditations for easy access while praying on the sidewalk.

On the front there are six different picture options. Let them know which picture you would like.

$30 to purchase

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